PoodleCorp Goes On Massive Hacking Spree


4th Aug 2016 11:25:58 AM


The hacking group known as PoodleCorp, who gained fame amid their high profile hacks of YouTube celebrities have been DDoSing targets left and right today. At one point PoodleCorp ran a poll of its followers to help choose hacking targets.

11 hours ago they launched a small, short attack on the PSN servers, which they said was merely a test for a larger attack in the future. A few hours after that, they took down Pornhub.com, then moved on to Brazzers.com, which are two of the largest porn websites on the internet. After that they once again DDoSed the Battle.net servers, then claimed responsibility for taking down the GTA V servers.

Their last attack was against the Cincinnati Zoo website, which may seem to be a fairly random target at first, however this zoo was behind a high profile shooting of a gorilla named Harambe after a 3 year old boy fell into the gorilla enclosure. PoodleCorp also tweeted out the hashtag #dicksoutforharambe, which gained widespread use in memes after Harambe's death.

PoodleCorp, which is affiliated with fellow hacking group Lizard Squad, seems to have stepped up its hacking efforts in the last few days, following a breach of their own commercial DDoS tool, and their failure to take down the Pokemon GO servers as promised.


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